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Children’s Books

Privileged to inhabit this world of joy and creativity, I write and illustrate picture books with heart and humor. I tell visual stories with warmth and emotional connection via expressive line and through characters’ facial expressions and body language. I continually explore different ways of achieving my art goals through traditional and digital media.

My latest book, CHICK CHAT (2021) is from NorthSouth Books. I’m currently illustrating SLOTH IS NOT A BABY! by Nelly Buchet from Feiwel and Friends/MacMillan which will be available in early 2024!

Literary publishers: If you’d like to review my illustration samples, visit my portfolio site. If you're interested in the possibility of working together, please click the Hen & Ink logo to contact my agent Erzsi Deàk with Hen & Ink Literary Studio.


Peep, peep, peep! Baby Chick has a LOT to say! Everyone in her family is too busy to chat. But when chatty Baby Chick adopts a large egg, she finally finds a friend who is a good listener. But when her egg goes missing, Baby Chick is heartbroken … until she finds that it has hatched. Could it be a brand-new friend?


Order a copy at your local bookshop, or through, or at my local shop: BookBug. Also available on

Grade Level : Preschool to 2nd grade

Publisher : NorthSouth Books, January 2021
ISBN-10 : 0735844097
ISBN-13 : 978-0735844094
Reading level : 4-8 years
Language : English

Much-Loved Out-of-Print Books

Kiki’s Blankie (2009, Sterling)

With her adored polka-dot blankie in hand, Kiki can do and be anything she wants. In a flash, it transforms her into a cowgirl, a pirate, even a superhero with a cape! So when her blankie blows away, Kiki will do anything to get it back. Our irresistible heroine proves that love makes us brave and strong.

Otis (2000, Harcourt; a Junior Library Guild Selection) A sweet story about a fastidiously clean young pig who doesn’t quite fit in—until he makes friends with another unlikely mud-avoider—Little Frog.  One reviewer said: “In the spirit of Ferdinand the Bull, (Bynum) introduces an endearing character who does not like the very thing he's supposed to love.” 

Rock-a-Baby Band (2003, Little Brown) written by Kate McMullan. Ten little babies rock the house with anything they can find—from a tambourine, bells, and a guitar, to rattles, wooden spoons, and even a Bundt-cake pan! A multicultural quartet takes center-stage in this bop-along baby adventure. (CD included)


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